Jobshadowing experience

Thank you, Liceo Scientifico Statale L. Respighi!

We are deeply thankful for having hosted us, three teachers from the city of Gondomar near Porto, Portugal, beginners of the CLIL methodology in our school – Agrupamento de Escolas nº1 de Gondomar.

We enjoyed every moment we spent here, specially the classes we attended and all the interaction with the students and the teachers who were willing to have us in their lessons. Also the meetings with the CLIL coordinator, Simone Fermi, were extremely informative and useful as he shared lots of resources, lesson plans and methodologies used in the school.

The variety of subjects and levels of the classes we attended enriched our experience and fully met the objectives of this mobility.

A special thanks toTatiana Groppi, who also arranged for this mobility, and was really helpful, solving all our difficulties and making herself available for any situation we might have.

We would really like to have you in our school soon and return your warm welcome!

Luísa, Maria and Teresa